The Case for a Commodities Super Cycle and Long Term Trends

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The long term outlook of why I think a commodities super cycle is coming and how the S&P 500 could go up at the same time as gold and commodities during parts of the commodities bull run. Further analysis will be done on the website to provide confidence of this happening with time.
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19 thoughts on “The Case for a Commodities Super Cycle and Long Term Trends

  1. Will we, investors, see 10x in commodities? Or only the sordid socialists that control cbdc ?
    Are we allowed to buy and sell the crap some day soon?
    Think thats the question..
    Housing will not start before evryone defenitly does NOT want to own a house anymore. For huge taxes on private ownership combined with skyhigh intrest rates. Saving long time to ever own your own house will be blocked by cbdc, easily. They can make money expire, its programmable money, you know?
    Why would these sordid socialists do that, world wide? To transfer ownership from individuals to banks. To rent the place. They will have endless cash like that…
    Its a political market these days. Try to get your head around that. Rilly, important !

  2. Dude, give it up, the housing market will continue to shit the bed….I know the Industry and forecasted rates to 8% pre Xmas holidays…2023 rates will be 10 %+…

  3. I here that the copper shortage was the Vietnam War thay use too much copper for bullets and this made shortage l here this was the problem for copper.

  4. Andy: Thank you for your content. I get a little uncomfortable around fractals. That being said my take away from this (and you have said this before), is I need a 5 to 8 year time frame. 2030 seems like a good target. I think the SPX and Gold go up with each other with inflation. The dollar is worth less. What keeps me up at night is a 10X increase in Gold implies the dollar has gone done 5X. (Just a wild guess) Thank you, Keep giving us things to think about.

  5. BTW take the USIRYY from 1917 to 1955 then overlay 1919 drop on 2008 then place the peak in 1942 onto this year. Inflation may drop but another surge comes after a base.

  6. Can we look at Lambos and Ferrari's. What years should we get. The coolest ones. Where to take them for service and maintenance and the costs associated. We need to plan ahead.

  7. Agree with your fractal on the SPX except I have the bottom at March 1st 2023 with an upward bounce in the DXY completing at the last 3 weeks of January 2023. As far as overbuilding we will have to see vacation rentals come to market to really suss things out for inventory. Watched a realtor from Las Vegas explain the new home sales and the media is over reporting the sales by 2 times, lazy reportage apparently.

  8. It looks sound and appreciate the different ways you analyze the data and the thinking behind each of the cycles.

  9. Hey, Andy. The chart inversion function on Trading View is next to the plus, minus, etc to the right of ticker seach box. It's 1/ . Thanks for the great info!

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