Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: Oil Down, Companies Holding

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Oil getting hit today while the companies are holding up well. Precious metals also holding up well in the face of a stronger dollar and higher yields. Lots of commodities back testing break outs.
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10 thoughts on “Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: Oil Down, Companies Holding

  1. I sold all my oil stocks this morning. Taking a break until oil gets back to $90. Oil should not be down with SPR releases all year. That's a bad sign.

  2. Commodity longs are gonna get rekt in 2023.
    Bonds baby!
    Housing starts falls another 4.2% industrial production index falls 19%
    Dry Bulk shipping soft, Maersk conference call with very dire warning about demand going forward.

    You guys still in Lala land… recent rate hikes haven't even been felt in the real economy.

  3. saudi production cuts are happening, down 430k bpd so far this month. OPEC+ on track for a cut of 1 mil bpd this month

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