Real Estate Housing Starts Strong and Inventory Low, Commodities Bull market Game ON

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The real estate market is the driver of inflation and is the base for a commodities bull market in terms of inflation and environment. it provides the tail winds to our investments. everything is still game on.

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13 thoughts on “Real Estate Housing Starts Strong and Inventory Low, Commodities Bull market Game ON

  1. Great info, thank you. You still haven't spoke to the issue of who is buying right now? Are we selling our neighborhoods to foreigner's? I just don't see millennials buying homes because they can't afford it (California) . Who is buying?

  2. As long as people can get loans to finance and the interest payments are within the budget, prices will go up I think. People on the lookout will FOMO into buying as they see the prices go and would not wanna miss the boat.

  3. Top man Andy the high priest of commodities

    One day I when these tips come in I would like to buy you a beer

  4. I've been in Florida for about 6 years. Lived in my first house for 2 years. Sold it and walked with about $40k profit. Bought my second house in 2017 and it has gone up in value by 80% since. I think prices are going higher. Everything here in the market has double digit offers and is being sold for well over asking. Even multi millon dollar homes are selling rapidly for well over asking. Prices will continue to go up because people will keep moving out of cities for years to come.

  5. Being from Canada I have to disagree as our RE market is out of control, I have sold everything except for one property.. What happens when all the forbearance homeowners can't make their payments and have to list, followed by all the landlords who cannot get rid of their tenants who have not been paying rent which then means landlords are likely 30, 60, 90 or more days late on their mortgages (Latin for DEATH LOAN).

  6. You say commodities are going to take a decline, so why not wait to invest in them later after they decline more?

  7. I am noticing in a lot of areas the housing starts our multi unit dwellings. Are those individually numbered in your statistics?

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