Let's discuss the Current MTG Investing Market = BITCOIN/Real Estate/Commodities/Stocks SKYROCKETING

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In this video, we discuss the current marketplace for Magic: The Gathering Investing. Specifically, vintage, old school magic cards and rarities. Bitcoin is climbing and its going to go further. There has to be a pullback…buy the dips. And with that people will cash out and buy MTG also.

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10 thoughts on “Let's discuss the Current MTG Investing Market = BITCOIN/Real Estate/Commodities/Stocks SKYROCKETING

  1. Bitcoin and other crypto currency doesn’t really have real world value, it’s a cyber thing. If you are taking your profit fine, but beware of a dot com type bubble with crypto. I also find it concerning that some countries are banning it and the tax man is also coming after capitol gains. Next, countries are introductions their own digital fiat currencies, they won’t want to compete with crypto so watch for possible bannings. I believe crypto was a test market to see how many people would fall for digital currency, it’s served it’s purpose.

  2. maybe Its just me , but I cant seem to find goood collections to buy that don't look suspect and shady.. any suggestions?

  3. Bitcoin is definitely going down with the reopening of states and people actually needing real money and not living off the government. But don’t get me wrong, it’ll go back up, just a waiting game

  4. If you here in 2021 and you haven't been into bitcoin trading already than you are late
    but its better late than never….

  5. I think you have eloquently layed out the current state of things in MTG and adjacent markets. Couldn't agree more and had stopped personally buying weeks back as the velocity had slowed. To the point of sealed another factor are box breaks which like in pokemon for vintage is becoming a bigger thing. This will also put a floor into sealed as a longer term investment as supply will continually dry up.

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