Carbon Neutral Commodities | Joe Raia | 2021 WSGS

Joe is the chief commercial officer of Abaxx Exchange.

Formerly, he was a managing director, global commodity futures in RJ O’Brien’s New York office.

Raia has spent more than 20 years in the energy and transportation sectors and has held various positions in oil transportation and trading. He joined NYMEX in 2001 and led the marketing effort surrounding the launch of the NYMEX ClearPort trading and clearing platform.

Before joining NYMEX, Raia was an energy industry consultant.

Earlier in his career, Raia was senior vice president of business development for JAGfn, a live financial news show, where he was responsible for arranging broadcast placement contracts with several large broadcast, satellite, and cable companies. He also served as senior on–air energy analyst/anchor for JAGfn and reported on equities and commodities in the energy sector on–air several times per hour, including interviewing chief executive officers, corporate officers, and financial analysts.

Prior to joining RJ O’Brien, he served as a managing director for Goldman Sachs in the futures and clearing groups.

Before joining Goldman, he was managing director of energy and metals for the CME Group. At the CME, Raia was responsible for building energy and metals customer relationship management and sales programs.

He was senior vice president of marketing at the New York Mercantile Exchange before it was acquired by the CME Group.

On Nov. 28, 2008, he was named a member of the COMEX Governors Committee.

Raia is a graduate of the New York Maritime Academy and sailed in the U.S. Merchant Marines, exclusively on oil tankers of all sizes. In 1988 he received his U.S. Coast Guard master’s license.