$453 Billion Reverse Repo, China Restricts Commodities, Inflation Ticks Up, AMC Soars

In this week’s episode of on the Margin, we cover:
・The $453 billion that has flown into the Federal Reserve’s reverse repo facility
・Why there is too much liquidity in the system, and what that means for bonds and quantitative easing
・China’s crackdown on Bitcoin, and how the real problem might be rising commodity prices and inflation
・Core PCE rose higher than expected, and Tyler and Mike disagree on whether or not inflation is transitory
・Financial nihilism with the rise of meme stocks like AMC and GameStop

We also detailed a first of its kind conference called Bretton Woods: The Realignment. The conference is dedicated to addressing the past, present and future of the monetary system.

Held at the same hotel as the original conference, leading economists, asset managers and financial institutions will gather to discuss what the future of the money will look like.

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