Young Money is Coming for Commodities – Miles Ruttan

Young Money is Coming for Commodities – Miles Ruttan

Miles Ruttan
Co-Founder & Chief Economic Strategist
Bytown Capital

Host: Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House

0:00 Intro
1:34 Bytown Capital
2:49 Younger Generations Investing in Commodities
6:15 Why Average People Are Waking Up
10:47 Commodity Bull Case
11:40 Bull Case for Uranium
16:01 Overcoming Stigma Around Nuclear Energy

About Miles

Miles’ focus at the firm is to oversee our macro analysis, with the emphasis being placed on global credit and liquidity flows. He describes his daily role as “identifying & anticipating the impacts of largely overlooked economic-related policies and institutional actions.” Miles enjoys taking deep dives into the policies and inner workings of our global financial system in order to find out where distinct advantages are to be gained.

Miles has experience in both the lending industry and the political analytics field. His investigative approach to financial analysis grew as he realized how disconnected markets have become from the typical theories taught in textbooks. His instinctive desire to question the conventional often leads to a more complete understanding of economic trends, backed by arithmetic and not popular belief.

About Bytown Capital

Bytown Capital is a Canadian-based firm that approaches financial market analytics from a macroeconomic perspective.

We built our strong foundations by applying systematic approaches to the expansive commodity and currency markets. Our often alternative top-down systematic approach allows us to have detail-oriented views from both a macro and micro perspective.

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