Who Charted? (E1) Commodities and Transports

Today we’re proud to introduction a new show from Research by Potomac and the Conquer Risk podcast. Most analysts will take 45 minutes to make the same point nine times, but not us. Manish Khatta and Dan Russo, CMT are giving you six charts… in six minutes.

The clock is ticking, and we’ve got some big charts coming your way. So, Who Charted?

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please fire them our way.

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00:15 – Intro to Who Charted
00:53 – NYSE 52W New Lows
01:40 – Bloomberg Commodity Index
02:51 – Spot Lumber / Spot Gold vs. S&P 500
03:49 – Copper vs. Gold (Spot)
04:49 – Dow Jones Transports
05:46 – S&P 1500 Semiconductors

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