What Commodities are the Cheapest of Them All? What are the Best Opportunities?

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What are the best cheapest commodity investment opportunities in the world?

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24 thoughts on “What Commodities are the Cheapest of Them All? What are the Best Opportunities?

  1. Hey Andy do believe in this Great monetary reset people are talking about. If so will this reflect the ratios.

  2. What are your thoughts on Sibanye Stillwater (SBSW)? Largest producer of platinum and rhodium, second largest producer of palladium and third largest producer of gold

  3. Thanks for opening my eyes and educating me in sectors I have previously ignored. I appreciate the time it takes to put these charts together. Vic (UK investor)

  4. Great video Andy. My question is if long term deflation is impossible in a debt based monetary system then how can interest rates rise significantly given current government debt without crashing the entire monetary system?

  5. Hey Andy, what do you think of China's recent attempts to constrain the price of commodities?

  6. Latest News: "The court orders Royal Dutch Shell, by means of its corporate policy, to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030"

    This almost guarantees a BOOM in fossil energy price and metals price. Without drastically increasing investment in renewable energy (thus boom in metals' prices) and drastically reducing fossil fuels investment and production (thus boom in fossil fuels' prices), Shell cannot achieve this super-ambitious goal.

    For conventional fossil fuel projects, the additional Carbon Capture Sequestration (one day it will acidify all our groundwater) and move to electric motor drivers, project cost and operating cost both increase significantly – not to mention if projects are forced to add renewable power generation into their scope, the additional land usage/purchase and renewable equipment, etc. And you know consumers have to pay all the premiums.

  7. Andy, hypothetically speaking if there is to be a commodity boom say over the next 10 years how much return could one possibility (and very generally!) anticipate (I am speaking very generally here and know that it will vary according to sector, specific stock, etc.). For example, if one were to invest $500 in Baselode at today's price of approx $.54, what could be a rough expected return over that period of time? (This is for planning purposes). Thank you!

  8. Great analysis Andy. Thank you. What is a good Palladium stock to accumulate in your opinion?

  9. Could the FED invoke yield curve control? They did for a while after WWII and that would keep the party going with stocks and basically all other investments.

  10. Yeah in Canada you can't do 30yr mortgage fixed. 10 yr is max and the rate is high. 30yr fixed at a low rate would be good though. Many Canadian youths will be renewing their million dollar mortage in 3-5 years at higher rates.

  11. Platinum is alot more risky than gold because its mostly dependent on cars, and its heavily influenced by SPX. I recommend you put up the most important ratio chart that influences everything else. $gold:$spx. We put in a double bottom from 2018 and just got a weekly chart macd cross up from oversold levels last seen in 2016. If gold outperforms SPX over the next several years (which I expect – stagflation), it will also outperform platinum. If platinum was going to outperform gold, it should have done it for the past 10 years where SPX has trippled and gold is flat.

  12. I think looking at ratios is interesting but shouldn’t be a priority. Gold and oil are used for completely different things so there ratio seems irrelevant. And notice no one looks at gold to coal ratio because almost no one thinks coal is a good investment. Context matters more than looking at ratios. Otherwise great content!

  13. GPL just had an event..longer than usual rain has shut down one of their mines. It's at .71 now. sounds like a great buying opportunity. The question is when does the selling end.

  14. The bit about inflation must exist otherwise the currency will fail is something I am going to keep in mind. Great stuff, Andy.

  15. Rising interest rates over an extended period of time will LOWER the price of real estate. The shortage that we have wont be a shortage when demand reduces because of higher monthly payments. Also,, wages arent keeping up with the cost of housing

  16. Andy what do you think about the repo market situation? Any implications for the market?

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