Weekly Forex Forecast: NFP misses big time. US$ lower, commodities, up. More of the same to come?

The US jobs report missed badly on Friday, suggesting a much slower US recovery from the pandemic. The Fed will not move on rates now for a very long time and so the the US$ was the main victim, ending sharply lower, while commodities added to previous gains. Go to the particular chapter for your own point of interest and have a good week’s trading next week.
0:00 Intro; Outlook
01:18 DXY (Dollar Index)
02:31 EurUsd
04:24 US$Jpy
05:51 GbpUsd
07:52 AudUsd
08:50 NzdUsd
09:47 Gold
12:30 WTI
13:44 S+P500
15:09 ASX SPI200
17:29 Calendar

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