The Macro Show Highlights: Panic? Not In Europe Or Commodities

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The clip above features a few highlights from “The Macro Show” with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough

Every weekday morning at 9:00am ET our non-consensus macro team distills the latest global market and economic developments and how to position yourself accordingly.

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2 thoughts on “The Macro Show Highlights: Panic? Not In Europe Or Commodities

  1. Thanks Keith. Been watching your show and have had great results. My EU stocks are up, commodities are up. I've been doing longer-term swing trading, but I would like to do short-term swing trading with my account to take full advantage of the gains with less drawdowns. It's nice to enjoy great returns on my investment while I protect my capital and limit drawdowns using stop-loss orders.

  2. A lot of EU countries are bankrupt Keith. Being bullish on EU countries is pure speculation. Markets they say …. oh please. Note: I am in the EU.

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