The DEBT Box Owner Speaks on Crypto backed by Commodities (Ghana) 11-16-2022

The DEBT Box Owner Speaks on Crypto backed by Commodities (Ghana) 11-16-2022
The DEBT Box Chairman and Founded, Jason Anderson speaks about why Heads of Countries and Fortune 500 companies are now calling them about their platform. Also in this video you will hear why Debt chose iX Global as their marketing partner.

The DEBT Box synthetic node mining projects are backed by real world commodity project revenues which drive the deflationary elements and tokenonomics.

*Disclosure: Debt and iX Global are separate companies. iX Global is the exclusive marketing company for The DEBT Box.

Disclaimer: Crypto currency is unregulated. Investing in crypto or NFT’s is risky. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. There may be no recourse for losses incurred. Ix Global does not offer any ROI or any guarantees. Ix Global is a wholesaler for DEBTBOX and exclusively offers education, hardware and software.

iX Global partnered up with The DEBT Box and launched Black Gold BGLD Oil Nodes back in Nov. 2021. Rewards have thus yielded 70-80K % to this date (11-22) and over 100 millionaires have been created! (some still on paper with diamond hands)

Now, new opportunities are at hand with X-Node Projects such as NATG Natural Gas Nodes, ALUM Aluminum Nodes, GROW Agriculture and much more in the pipeline such as BLOX, REV, SWIPE, CARBON, DRIP, HYDROGEN, PROPANE and RADIUM node projects! #DEBTBox

All the while, you can build a subscription based team and earn steady commissions without even selling a single node. The compensation plan is suitable for the masses! #iXGlobal

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