The Complete market adviser- FX, cryptos, commodities, and Indices [Completely Free]

Are you looking to make 50-100 pips every day? This app can make that happen for you. It has a team of experts behind it who know the market’s nitty-gritty and deliver consistent results to you. And hence, it has an astounding hit rate of 85%.

From currencies to cryptos, it has all the instruments available for trading globally. You will get the entry levels with precise TP and SL. With abundant choice and crystal clear trading ideas, it makes your life simple as a trader.

The free version (LIFETIME) is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a premium version with enhanced accuracy featuring market-movers every day that produces astounding results. When you are completely satisfied with the free version, make a move to the premium service.

PS: Exclusive copy trading application available for premium users. You can set it and go away.

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