Syngenta CEO on Rising Agricultural Commodity Prices

Apr.29 — Syngenta CEO Erik Fyrwald speaks to Bloomberg’s Alix Steel and Guy Johnson about agricultural commodities and extreme weather’s influence on market prices on “Bloomberg Markets”.

9 thoughts on “Syngenta CEO on Rising Agricultural Commodity Prices

  1. The Chinese communist party loves making excuses for the problems they put themselves in.
    Stop burning coal, Stop building dams, and STOP using slave labor.

  2. 1.Covid affected agriculture, lots of agro work was delayed and postponed due to covid. But the agro work is seasonal and cannot be postponed or delayed. 2 Biden green policy converting lots of grain to biofuel instead of food. 3) Inflation- us printing 10 trillion usd as if no tomorrow 4. Weather.

  3. What nonsense….no unusual weather in Australia mate….
    Sydney water level hasn't changed in 120 years of taking water Heights either.
    Full of shit mate.

  4. Bogus. I get a 401K for growing. Nothing has changed at all, prices dont go up for regular farmers, only chemical guys and synthetic using lazy type of farmers.

  5. Bogus entirely. Do not support big farm of pollution and chemicals like this. Support good natural farmers. Believe me, i get a 401k for growing, these farmers crying are just lazy and using chemicals and synthetic simple solutions that are failing them. Support small farms world wide, we are the real growers supporting all this.

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