SUPPLY CRISIS: Consumers DENOUNCE LACK and Shortages of Essential Commodities

🚨 SUPPLY CRISIS: Consumers DENOUNCE LACK of Essentials at Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, and millions of Americans rely on its stores for groceries and other necessities every day. The company operates more than 2,800 locations in 35 states, including such brands as Rouse, King supers and Dillons. But in recent weeks, Kruger’s shoppers have complained about massive shortages at its stores, an unprecedented price increase affecting a number of essential products. So today, we decided to investigate what items are missing from supermarket shelves and how much the price chain is rising in 2023.

🏦 Supply chain problems continue to wreak havoc on many industries, even nearly three years into the pandemic and the disruptions caused by it. The food industry in particular has faced a number of problems in 2022, affecting production, transportation and company profit margins. We are now beginning to see the consequences of lower supplies entering the system and higher operating costs for companies, in a market where inflation has already raised overall prices by more than 11 percent in the last 12 months.

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