Subscriber Questions: Cheetahs, Melt Ups, Real Estate, Commodities, Inflation and Vegas Best Channel

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I answer a few questions subscribers asked about to let everyone here my answers.

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18 thoughts on “Subscriber Questions: Cheetahs, Melt Ups, Real Estate, Commodities, Inflation and Vegas Best Channel

  1. Picked up new position in Corvus Gold, looks good for a buyout probably around 700M ….2-3 bagger within a year I'm figuring. Also got some Peninsula energy, cheap uranium co. KIQ Kelso technologies , JVA coffee holding company I'm eying but it's running away on me. Looking at Medallion recources for a rare earth play, also Greenland minerals, wondering why its down 50% since I started watching it.

  2. I love you talking about EV- at heart I see you as an energy guy , not so much an oil guy . Energy within PM, OIL , EV , Uranium , Renewables . It also helps your overall diversity and makes your channel more broad on energy in general 5/5 stars . Ever sense I paid off my car I haven’t truly gotten back into the markets in oil due to your chart teachings 3 months ago and me seeing fundamental weakness . I’m starting to see , at the beginning stages , some good point of entry so maybe next week I’m getting bk in . Of course never stop watching your vids !

  3. Yes please do a deep dive into PENMF (Peninsula Energy). Current CFO is the same CFO who helped John Borshoff take Paladin sky high. Thanks for answering questions Andy!

  4. Thanks Andy. Can you please take a look at PTR? It looks like it is yet to breakout. In a bit of a downtrend now but the upside appears to be huge as it's priced very cheap compared to all the assets it holds. Probably not getting love because it's a Chinese company. Looks really good to me.

  5. I’ll be in Vegas in a couple months, get the coalition together? Where should we go Andy?

  6. Yeah Andy please take a look at Peninsula Energy ! CEO is Wayne Heili he was former President of the Uranium producers of America & President and Chief Executive Officer of Ur-Energy. Their CFO for Peninsula Energy is Ron Chamberlain he led and helped Paladin 2004-2008 to get their mines going. Over 30 years experience! Wayne Heili helped to start a bunch of ISR mines in Wyoming with former companies.

    Peninsula ist located in Wyoming -> U.S. Senator Barrasso of Wyoming. The state is pro Uranium so Peninsula will affect from that.

  7. hydrogen may be a nice complement/alternative to EV batteries and I am looking at potentially good companies in this space…what are your thoughts?

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