Stephen Poloz on inflation, immigration & commodities

Osler special adviser and former Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz speaks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn on inflation, immigration and commodities.


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4 thoughts on “Stephen Poloz on inflation, immigration & commodities

  1. I disagree with this "economist" in the following aspects. Disclaimer: I am no economist but I think I am sentient enough to call bullcrap when I see bullcrap:

    1. 'I don't see no sign that people are speculating (regarding housing market)'
    : I live in a small town outside of any major city by a good couple of hours but here prices have gone up literally 80-100 % in two years I mean they have literally doubled when there has been not a single ounce of economic growth in the region. No job growth, no wage growth, no new companies, colleges or universities. I disagree.

    2. 'Economy can outgrow inflation'
    May be in fake CPI inflation calculation. Please calculate inflation by including all basic necessities (including shelter/housing) and tell me how an average Canadian's salary can go up 20-25 % every year discounting all the real estate growth that has already happened at meaningless 15-25 % every year for past decade. Then tell me how we can grow that much. To do that, we all need to become 'Ant mans' from Marvel comics

    3. Lastly 'we have to accept these side effects (regarding stellar housing unaffordability):
    Please tell that to families or persons who are at the verge of or are already homeless as their wage growth did not catch up with real inflation. This is like if a covid vaccine has 30 % blood clot rate i.e.
    Even if an otherwise healthy person takes this vaccine and there is a 30% chance they might develop a blood clot, and the doctor says you can't stop mother nature. You should just accept the side effect.

    This "economist" interview is nothing more than voodoo economics backed by completely biased political agenda favoring one party (I don't think I need to mention which one)

  2. I respect Stephen Poloz, the man knows economics inside and out. It's unfortunate that non-oil exports will be hurt by the stronger dollar as we re-enter economic growth. Most people working in Ontario will realize no increase in income with higher oil prices, but gas prices will definitely hurt pocketbooks.

  3. Carbon pricing will be the real inflation. However, one must respect that Canadians made their choice in the 2019 election and will likely stay the course in the next election.

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