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New commodities in Star Citizen have been spotted in the journal. These seem to be related for the upcoming Invictus Fleet Launch week, but could we keep trading these commodities afterwards? Erad thinks so!


  1. I don't think it makes sense to have finished products like surveillance equipment in the commodity trading profession. However, I'd like there to be cargo missions for the goods that can be purchased at all of the stores in the game. "deliver these three boxes of shirts to Casaba at Port Olisar" for example. With that said, cargo containers of food ingredients with an expiration date would be fun.

  2. Silica or Silicone should be a hot item in game. It's used for so much (especially ship components for manufacturing or repairs like at landing pads).

  3. Totally agree, show the traders some love! As for new commodities, I think there needs to be more illegal goods. Commodities that are restricted in some way might also be interesting eg: subject to tariffs in some places but not others, or perhaps subject to high taxes unless you can somehow land them covertly. Could be an interesting twist

  4. Well weapons, and housing materials once they come in, repair stock for ships etc, cargo running stuff like that to ships after a battle and more =)

  5. I would like to see commodities from the entire industrial chain, from ores to smelted metal to components to finished goods and finally to used finished goods

  6. I think this will be the first glimse at the new trade mechanic with the dynamic Demand and Supply System, i personally hope this will be a way to make a decent ammount of money without a having a big cargo ship. Lookiung Forward to it. Also i think it will as well fix then out of stock issue we have with our current trade system.

  7. There are alot of commodities they can add tbh: misiled, coolers, power plants, ship weapons, ship Materials, repair bots,… Possibilties are endless

  8. I hope that Orison will sell souvenir space wale plushies the same way that New Babbage sells Picos.

  9. Without Quanta, the trade system is going to remain very simple. They've said several times they can use the dynamic event system to effect prices and that's what they are doing with fleet week. We don't really need more variety of commodities, we need pathways to simulate quanta. If you bring a precourser to a trade post, e.g. agri supplies to a farm, then you should buy the food/alcohol at a reduced price to simulate what Quanta will do down the line with the living economy.

    Some commodities just don't generate profit and that needs to change, e.g. hydrogen should be in much higher demmand.

    What I never understood is how we don't have to transport water to stations tbh. Water is a precious resource.

    Until quanta they really need to use the mission system for us to deliver a variety of things to a variety of places. The new QT and timed missions are good for the small couriers to get started, but not for anything with more than 40SCU of space.

  10. Crated weapons and ammunition seem like the obvious choice because they're consumed by shops and sold to players

  11. For such a massive game there should be hundreds of commodities for sale + some that are unique for the system you are at. At least this is what I want to see on game release to make the trading viable and fun gameplay.

  12. Why can't they make a event , like we are making orison so you guys need to get this and that and sale it at olisar to help making it . Then there Is like tier where community have to reach in order to get the things in a planet or space station ?

  13. I could totally see something like electronics or microchips beeing a comodity which would probably be bought the most by MicroTech, I mean, it's in the name… 😀 Also something like gunpowder or batteries for magazines could be a thing.

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