Shortages To Drive Commodity Prices MUCH Higher Over Next 5 Years | Rick Rule


Rick Rule has invested in hundreds of public and private mining, drilling & farming ventures over his long career as a natural resources investor.

And he sees a very bright future ahead for commodities and the companies that produce them.

Yes, rising inflation and further money printing will add a tailwind to this trend, as will the expected increased demand from the many infrastructure projects the major nations of the world are embarking on.

But Rick sees limited supply as the most important factor that will drive prices higher from here. There simply will be too little tangible “stuff” to meet demand, and shortages will become increasingly common over the next five years.

Which is why now, more than ever, it’s important to partner with a financial advisor who understands the nature of the market risks in play as well as the opportunities, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate.

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25 thoughts on “Shortages To Drive Commodity Prices MUCH Higher Over Next 5 Years | Rick Rule

  1. There is no shortage of lumber, there should be no shortage of timber……Conclusion, you should short timber. Gas though, buy that up, going to the moon!

  2. De-Salination plants are the way forward…thetre is no excuse for running out of water when we are surrounded by it….
    These plants are not that expensive, especially true given all the money being thrown around for Democrats pointless pet projects these days in yet more QE

  3. I mean this guy knows his stuff, but it also sounds like he's going to ride the stock market until the world burns. Do these guys not care that they could actually influence with their dollars for the better of us all?

  4. I am investing in water by collecting it as it falls out of the sky lol. Ireland has had two year droughts in a row and they were not fun. I have very thirsty potato plants and have double the amount this year so need way more water. Without water you cant do anything, that goes for basic living.

  5. I have hunch that Chris and Adam must have had a difference of opinion on the goals of Peak Prosperity. Hope they parted ways on good terms as they’re both sharing important information. Thank you gentlemen for all that you share. I’ll be watching both of you no matter the channel.

  6. What are you talking about man ??. 1950s was not Roosevelt ! He was in the 1930s and half of 1940s, not 1950s , wow … Eisenhower is 1950s

  7. I thought you guys broke up? And now I see you here? Nonetheless, I wish you both the best!

  8. And yet in the media literally crickets…. nothing about product shortages, but plenty of articles on how folks can in future eat…. bugs and crickets!

  9. What about desalination plants stocks? I've been looking into that. Compare with the Australian privatization of water.

  10. Even though my politics lean more towards labor than capital, I still find Rick rule interviews to be some of the most edifying and worthwhile.

  11. When the Left is finished reshaping America, you will receive free water and free bread. OK, it’s also true you’re have to stand in line for your daily allotment.

  12. Remember that you can buy shares in Sprott Asset Management if you want exposure to all of their various activities,including the new physical uranium trust that they manage.

  13. wait i thought this was chris’s channel now? im confused. someone needs to change the pw lol

  14. It costs $20.00 a ton to mine for silver in ID now and what have change EPA refs in the current environment in the mining industries 🖖

  15. Grid down=Solar and Wind
    Supply Chain=AI Supply Overlords
    Fuel shortage=Electric Cars
    Meat Shortage=Insect Protein Burgers
    Coin Shortage=Digital Dollar
    Housing Shortage=Small apartments in Stacked Cities

    Klaus has all the answers prepared for any (manufactured) crisis!

    Supply will be driven into packed cities to force people out of the exurbs and rural areas by the Supply Chain AI control Overlords leaving rural towns abandoned ghost towns as people fight for scraps the AI doles out in Urban Thunderdomes!

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