Rising grocery prices? The Big Boom in Commodities and "Inflation Trick"

If you’re wondering just how much your grocery, restaurant, car, insurance, energy, renovation, or other bills are rising higher and higher by (especially over last year), there’s one chart that can tell you where to look…

In today’s Katusa’s Investment Insight (KII), Marin covers:
– 1 year commodity returns (hint: large increases)
– The Inflation Indicator that actually matters
– How long it takes to build a mine
– The Big Boom in commodities and where it will be

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If you’re looking for a way to get invested in the commodity space, Katusa Research provides comprehensive and actionable advice. Marin will be detailing where he believe the true boom in commodities is going to be.

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7 thoughts on “Rising grocery prices? The Big Boom in Commodities and "Inflation Trick"

  1. Thank you!! Great timing on this. People just might be losing faith in fiat currency 😵

  2. All commodities will rise as the US dollar becomes worthless. Most valuable are gold and silver followed by copper, uranium and oil and agricultural products!
    Fundamental value of Bitcoin and crypto is zero! This is a scam! It will be a race to the bottom!
    Is there anybody out there that would give up their home for one Bitcoin with a market value of 1 million dollars?

  3. The true measurement of inflation is defined as the expansion of money supply relative to declines in productivity! Has nothing to do with supply/demand fundamentals! The demand for commodities is always present! People want and need everything!

    Go back to an old dictionary and see what the original meaning of inflation was before they changed it to conceal the truth!

  4. No one cares if a mine has silver or gold at the tail end of a bull run. They just buy any stock with 'silver' or 'gold' on its name.

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