Rising commodity costs are driving auto inflation

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports how a rise in raw material costs are driving auto prices higher.

22 thoughts on “Rising commodity costs are driving auto inflation

  1. "Auto inflation" lol theses guys are such beginners .
    Demand, supply and money supply affect prices.
    Inflation is the growth of the money supply and will affect prices.
    What you see in the automobile industry is the effect of rising demand, low supply and increased money supply from the us printing machine

  2. Looking for signs of inflation? The Fed grew the M1 money supply by 25% in the last year and we are in our way to be distributing checks and simulus forever: what about that?

  3. Some people will buy and over priced Tesla stock. Im going to be buying the companies mining what Tesla needs to exist for much much cheaper price per share

  4. Eventually other businesses and consumers buy from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft so these are the stocks you want to own.

  5. Because the price of oil went up which means other commodities increase. The pre pandemic glut of oil sees a slight increase due to world weather however the refineries would be offline for winter/summer gas transition. Rem oil peaked at Chase banks $150/barrel futures play they lost.
    OIL GLUT: Saudi costs are $25/barrel, Texas Shale $40/barrel breakeven, but the oil glut brought on, e.g. Canadian Tar Sands with $80/barrel breakeven, bringing more supply versus demand. (Note oil prices went to minus 40/barrel last year.) And as underpriced natural gas keeps stealing oil's market share the demand for oil will be flat or declining for the long run.

  6. I enjoy the fact that using simply mathematics one can arrive at how the decline of the US economy due to inflation is starting to roll like a snowball down a hill. Within 10 years unless there is a major military conflict, we will have hyper inflation.

  7. Manufacturing car company's do employ less aluminum and steel and more plastic in cars created today then in the past so you need to consider this is your news report! Why don't you weight in on that guys.

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