Rick Rule: The State of Commodities and Natural Resource Stocks in 2024 #rickrule

In this interview, we welcome our guest legendary natural resource stock investor and speculator Rick Rule, currently with RuleInvestmentMedia.com.

Rick Rule has been actively involved in this space for well over fifty years. Andy and Rick start with a discussion on the macro-economic outlook for 2024 (and beyond) that includes inflation and government debasement of the currency, national debt and then under investment in the natural resource sector.

Also in this interview, Rick discusses why there is still room for growth in the uranium markets, but why he has taken some of his uranium investments off the table and where he is looking for bigger growth in 2024. He is currently considering all energy investments but likes sectors that are out of favor, like natural gas and coal. Rick discusses what he is looking at in these sectors and why he is looking at them.

Rick then discusses why he likes gold as a safe haven, why he is still holding his precious metal stocks and how he believes that they will be a tremendous investment in the future.

Rick and Andy also discuss what jurisdictions around that world that he likes and those that more natural resource friendly for investment and what jurisdictions he no longer considers.

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