Rick Rule on the coming commodities supercycle: Demand will exceed supply for these metals (Pt. 1/2)

Green energy has provided tailwinds for demand in certain metals, while the supply side is constrained by under-investment, says Rick Rule, director of Sprott Inc.

Rick Rule notes that this demand-supply imbalance is likely going to cause another commodities supercycle and tells Kitco’s Michelle Makori which metals are poised to benefit and how to invest in them.

0:00 – The coming commodities supercycle
4:08 – Uranium and copper
7:00 – Investment vehicles
10:07 – Silver and manipulation
16:32 – Gold and silver price direction

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25 thoughts on “Rick Rule on the coming commodities supercycle: Demand will exceed supply for these metals (Pt. 1/2)

  1. Silver still at $25 bcuz of time?😏🤣😂 Everyone from the perth mint to the USmint is sold out!! Stop lyin Rick. Its called price suppression.

  2. The "Rick Rule Interview"-Asset is maybe the most critical commodity in terms of demand, its a "no brainer" to buy this asset in times like this.

  3. Kitco has been great in bringing in information that mainstream media won’t acknowledge. My concern with gold or silver becoming 6,000$ an ounce is that products we buy, the prices will also rise so that a box of cereal will cost 500$.

  4. Well whoever is manipulating the price of silver I hope they keep doing it. As of today Silver is up 66.09% in the last 12 months They are doing a terrible job of it 🙂

  5. Hey Kitco, if all your unallocated silver contract holders wanted “their” metal, could you deliver? Or would you just have to pay them cash?! Would they have to pay you additional fees to deliver? FYI: I’m a potential customer and I didn’t appreciate your last response to my other question. I documented it so I can share it with others if need be.

  6. Great interview but Rick telling us to pay attention to the CPI is a bit iffy given that the CPI itself is manipulated to hide inflation.

  7. Does this girl know who's running this government whose president of the United States and she's making these outlandish claims see you next year see how close you came to right

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