Rick Rule (Commodities Deep Dive, Interest Rates, Miners, Gold Price Manipulation, Bitcoin)

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28 thoughts on “Rick Rule (Commodities Deep Dive, Interest Rates, Miners, Gold Price Manipulation, Bitcoin)

  1. Rick Rule rules!!!! He also responded to my email and ranked my portfolio. I picked up some great insight from the experience and made a few changes, which are working out well.

  2. Thank you, Rick, for being so transparent. I just wonder, how safe are these holding regarding to interventions from governments? Kind regards from Norway🇳🇴

  3. Great conversation! 👏🏻 I purchased some gold & silver while listening to this 💰 😺 It’s definitely a good time to buy.

  4. It is nice George gets an idea and input of gold from an Air craft controller.. 😛 lol just kidding.. funny headset

  5. Which is more likely? Given the way things are going I'm worried the lights going out might actually be more likely.

  6. I'm a little confused. You guys talk about deflationary pressures in the same breath as you discuss ruining the savings of people. If we go into deflation, or disinflation, savings raise in purchasing power relative to debt.

  7. The 3, 6 and, 12 month US Treasury yields are abysmal. The COMEX futures generally see the most activity within a 12 month delivery period. Which even viewed through the CPI are very much negative. Long term capital gains only requires holding period of 12 months. The long term speculation on both 10 year US Treasuries and, gold priced in a declining asset such as the dollar. Becomes questionable whenever, the actual purchasing power of that dollar. In 10 years time is being considered along side high inflation. We are already have fear on the expectation for inflation with recent moves in the 10 and 30 year US Treasury. Perhaps, everyone is just going to keep believing the rising interest rates on the 10 and 30 year is from a economic recovery.

  8. Deflation would be the best Great Reset. There would be immediately pain, but it takes the power out of the Fed's and the Govt's hands.

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