Q&A: Giving up investing? Deep value, Tax, Spawners and Commodities

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Income from cash
2:54 – Give up investing or fishing?
4:00 – Podcast with Buffett
5:50 – Tesla wage expense
8:12 – Chinese stocks
9:06 – How long have I been investing?
11:03 – Commodity investing
12:50 – YouTubers vs. Finance Professionals
14:36 – Identifying spawner companies
16:00 – Investing in Hong Kong
16:34 – Tax on international investments
19:36 – Deep value investing
20:50 – Different investing strategies I follow
22:28 – Deep value vs. traditional value investing
23:30 – Outro

Enjoy 🙂

I am not a financial adviser. This video is for education and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help before making any investment decision

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Giving up investing? Deep value, Tax, Spawners and Commodities

  1. A good way I find a return on my cash while waiting is using stock options at my work place (I know not everyone has this available).
    So I save £X a month into this stock option account with my work, which is stored as cash until the 3 year time period is up. But, you can cancel and cash out at any time.
    So if there’s no market crash, the stock option will usually make me money, but if there is a crash, I can cancel the option, withdraw the cash and deploy it

  2. do you know any good growth etf's to look into? things like arkk or tan? i'm in my 20's so i can afford to take on a bit more risk. i'm thinking 20% low cost index etf as a solid foundation, 60% growth etf's to help with performance , and 20% in individual stocks just to play around with

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