People in queue for essential commodities in Kargil Ladakh

18 April 2021
Sabzi Mela, Kargil.
Today, the people of Kargil (town only) witnessed the unique sabzi mela which was organised by the administration.
After the successful event of Chuli mendok, this time they brought the live feeling of teacher examination to us. The people were made to sit in lines in the famous Khree Sultan Cho Stadium for receiving Vegetables (gobi, dates and onion only).
The events at both venues was carried on very carefully under tight security and vigil. The examination, sorry vegetable distribution was completed with no damage or injury to any participant.
When we spoke to a person who was returning sadly after observing the long lines he said that he doesn’t want to do iftar in the ground because by the time his turn comes, it would be iftar time.
Similarly, many young participants were shouting aloud about Sabzi mela’s SOP and thanking administration for this kind festival.
Jamyang Tsering Namgyal
UT Ladakh
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