Overall Market Update: Technical Analysis: All Commodities and Overall Update

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Overall market update to give my opinion on the markets. I am not a trader but an investor and holding through these pullbacks. Some charts are looking like the buyers are equaling the sellers which I am looking for an indicator of a move higher or lower.

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24 thoughts on “Overall Market Update: Technical Analysis: All Commodities and Overall Update

  1. Growth stocks are fools gold in terms of investments. However growth stocks are good trading vehicles for 'greater fool' trading

  2. 3% down, would of been more except for short term trades that helped offset, Victory Recources, took half off the table at .16 . I also bought Fandom on a speculation play. Sub penny SSOK is a coin shop that's doing deals directly with mines and mints to secure supply, trying to create a new supply chain PM business niche. Might buy some. Added to aurcana today I had taken half off the table when it spiked a few months back. Other than that just adding a little or sitting on core positions and playing extreme speculator with 15% of the portfolio. The newbs are all jumping in and pumping penny stocks looking for quick gains, been doing well getting in and out short term holds. MARCU 31ST is end of some kind of exemption that's going to effect bond yields…something to look into, something about the banks having to buy treasuries

  3. looking for credible rare earths; Lynas, UUUU, and Neo Performance) appear to be the most credible largest caps. MP Materials seems like a reincarnation of Molycorp, large cap and no revenue. I do have have a small position in Appia, Rainbow, and Greenland.

  4. If you're looking at the fundamentals how can you buy uranium stocks purely on speculation because uranium is not moving higher at this point. I would wait for either uranium to move higher or for uranium stocks to pull back substantially otherwise you are taking on unnecessary risk.

  5. On days like today it’s nice to remember that our positions are undervalued. Would hate to be in tech stocks and growth stocks with these market conditions.

  6. Hi Andy, do you think the us government will start taxing oil companies for green house gas emissions. A similar type of tax that was done to Tabacco companies back in the nineties. If so wouldn’t that kill of a lot off companies with high debt.

  7. Are you still bullish on Baselode? I think their communication is severely lacking. Especially considering the first nation debacle.

  8. Newbie question here, sorry…if one is investing in commodities, when would one look to take money out for profit/income? I'm not interested in short term income, but over time….I guess in other words, when do you start to realize your gains? Thanks!

  9. I would like to make a prediction. Crude Oil will never see 58.00 usd again. Swing low is in. Weekly candles look bad BUT
    its not fully formed yet AND volumes are light.

  10. Info for Andy: in europe we do NOT have openings like in the US, especially in Germany situation isnt changing much. Mass-media is spreading out panic of a 3rd wave and the game repeats itself once more. that pcr-infection-number game surprisingly still works. Probably nothing will change at all until the next elections on 26.th of september. MINIMUM. What happens if people will realize that after beeing vaccinated that there wont be heaven on earth and millions of jobs are lost? im kinda expecting more of a depressed environment after some euphoria. I think they will not remove distance-rules in resturants and they introduce a digital vaccination pass (mass-surveillance) which you probably have to show in each theater, restaurant and airport.

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