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Hi Stock Market Traders and Investors, Get Trading Telugu welcomes you. In this, Options Trading in Crude Oil (Telugu) | Commodity Trading | Fyers Web
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14 thoughts on “Options Trading in Crude Oil (Telugu) | Commodity Trading | Fyers Web

  1. Informative video anna but small doubt options volume and spread chala thakuva kada trading lo problem avthunda ante Entry & Exit lo

  2. Weekly levels ichetappudu, direct levels kakunda, aa values ela vachayo konchem price action tho cheppandi 🙋

  3. Sir, Nenu Nifty Dec 15500 CE Buy chesa @ 1200/- Premium. As a Calendar Spread. Now the premium is around 600/- and I don't want to Squareoff. Ippudu July lo Nifty lot size thagguthundi kada from 75 to 50. So mare nenu theesukunna 15500 CE paristhithi em avthindi koncham cheppandi Sir.
    Thank you.

  4. Crude oil options lo
    Strangle iron condor strategies use cheyyochha weekly exipiryvi

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