Opposition Leader said increase in prices of basic commodities is worrying.

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6 thoughts on “Opposition Leader said increase in prices of basic commodities is worrying.

  1. Since I no this man first time I hear this he speaking something properly n what actually make sense

  2. Only now harmon you going true market when were you in office you never went true market and only now you no life hard for the poor man your thinking is to late now

  3. Hey dr Harmon. Check out Canada USA eu. Things. Gone. Up. Due to. Covid. U have to pay people more to risk they life. So joe. U R spilling trash u were there 5. Years. N tax went. From. 200 percent cent. To 700percent N had no cov. But to feed. Y Zn. U boys

  4. Take some of the money you stole and give it to the people you have 10 millions in a United States bank shut up keep slanderous obstructionist methods and the apanu party is disintegrating you are a racist willfully inciting racism

  5. It is hard cuz look how high gas gone up too it's $199 Litre an fr hire cars drivers it's completely very hard they need to do sumthin abt it cuz it's covid time an Wrk DNT reli be on the road so them reli have to deal with the gas thing

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