Mutual Funds and ETF's: Technical Analysis and Holdings for This Next Commodity Bull Market

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Let’s look at some mutual funds for the commodity bull market that is coming. I did add in a health care fund as well.

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15 thoughts on “Mutual Funds and ETF's: Technical Analysis and Holdings for This Next Commodity Bull Market

  1. Thanks Andy; I found you and your readers a new Cheetah; here's a gift; NS energy. Ready to break long term downtrend line.

  2. Thanks andy I need to add some for my pension so thanks just the right time for me. What a guy!

  3. Hey, Andy. As always, thanks for this. Wondering if there were any specific emerging markets that looked particularly attractive to you (ie. Russia, India)

  4. I just rolled my 401K over to Schwab and it’s currently 100% held in a money market account. Thoughts on whether to start DCA’ing these type of commodity investments now or wait until the next overall market dip? I realize you’re not a financial advisor but this market feels so toppy .

  5. Hi Andy, I just went thru the mutual funds and ETF's you presented in your video…the brokerage company I use is Fidelity and it appears that 3 out of the 5 Vanguard funds (VMIAX, VUIAX, & VHCIX) are not sold thru Fidelity. The remaining two Vanguard Funds (VEPMX and VEMAX) are sold thru Fidelity but come with a Transaction Fee and are Loaded….I will have to see if Fidelity offers similar funds…also most Fidelity Funds do not carry a Transaction Fee or Load. I know you use Fidelity as your Broker as well….did you run across this problem as well, or you may have bought them at a time when Fidelity were offering these Vanguard funds. Let me know if I am missing something here…Thank you.

  6. Bear in mind the portfolio holdings disclosed are only the top 10. For example URNM has Bannerman and others now as well. Btw Andy note the top COPX holding is Vedanta VEDL. You gotta take a look at that chart. It’s commodities and emerging and HUGE peaks and valleys. Wild chart. Pays a dividend too. Thanks

  7. Hi Andy. Thank you for your vids. I was wondering if you can do a video covering mining permit. Since it's a huge obstacle for most junior miners. Should we be worry on some of the company that are currently having issue with permit? thanks and have a great day!

  8. Be careful with the insurance companies during inflation their costs go through the roof but premiums have been already payed earlier so if inflation is increasing theyre constantly behind the inflation

  9. Andy, Thank you…this is exactly what I needed to begin shifting my dollar cash holdings to mutual funds and ETF's that have a potential of hedging inflation in both my 401K and Roth IRA holdings….I know some of these mutual funds and ETF's have moved up thru years, but as you have noted many times, we are at the beginning of this new commodity expansion cycle, so these should do well. Thank you again.

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