Merchant Commodities/Supplies Duplication Glitch

You’re only supposed to be able to buy one of each item per crew, but if you buy and grab at the same time as your crew then you can get up to 4x more. THIS WORKS FOR SUPPLIES TOO.

This is way too OP and hopefully it is patched soon.



26 thoughts on “Merchant Commodities/Supplies Duplication Glitch

  1. I knew about this from the start. My friend and i did ONE LAP. ONE. LAP. With this glitch, and we made 650k

  2. start posting actual gameplay vids bro u and ur crew are obviously cracked and pace's content just isnt good enough for me anymore <3 i wanna see u guys dumpster

  3. Lmao all these guys "Omg delete the video pls omg omg" Bet most of you are all on alliance servers abusing it. I hope it gets patched in the maintenance tomorrow 🙂

  4. I know I sound stupid but if they’re all buying one and all picking one up that’s how it should be or am I missing something

  5. Come on man, first synnical and now other YouTubers, the more publicity this gets the quicker they'll patch it and I don't want them to do that for a while so I can grind as much of this as possible.

  6. A friend started fairly recently, went from 30->50 in a 2hour session with Galleon crew and this glitch… he’ll never know the pain, but I kind of envy him somehow 😂

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