Make More Profits Trading Commodities

In this video I’ll tell you why trading commodities will make you a better trader.
The commodity market in India doesn’t get the attention from traders that it deserves.

The bias is towards equities and that is understandable.

However, in this globalized and interconnected, financial world it is a mistake to ignore this market.

I strongly believe, participating in the commodities market will make you a better trader who makes more profits.

In this video, I’ll tell you why.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I love to hear from you.

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18 thoughts on “Make More Profits Trading Commodities

  1. Nonetheless i consider trading online as a profitable venture provided one perseveres and takes a more professional approach to it. Therefore coming into trading with little or no knowledge can keep you at a loss. Seeking the help of a trading specialist Willie Steven is one of the best decisions I made.

  2. Actually most of us do not know how to invest trade in commodities so option is only equity.
    By the way ur points are just and genuine !!!

  3. How do we trade in currency and commodities, how to register and get a account for this?

  4. Thanks…i find in my limited experience that commodities tend to be e more trendy… And tradable…. respect technical analysis better than the equities… Perhaps the number of players are smaller… Your reactions appreciated

  5. Jst a neglible issue with video..there is some noise at the background.. Little more sound clarity make it perfect

  6. Great video once again. I must say that I'm surprised and shocked at the same time to see Vijay and Equitymasters have such low subscribers and followers where as people (punters) giving stock specified targets and reviews have huge multiple time the same. Just shows the maturity level of investors in India and the content they are out hunting for. Unfortunately until recently I too was one of the quick easy rely on tips lazy investors. Having learnt it the very hard way that it's better to be learn fishing rather than buying one from a fisherman. And both Vijay and Equitymaster I feel are striving to make us one hell of a Fisherman.
    Keep the videos coming. Stay Safe and Stay Blessed

  7. Thanks for advocating MCX. Already a member of Weekly Cash Alerts. I, Honestly need to move on MCX , however due to lack of tools and Knowledge refrain myself to do so, except trading as per your weekly cash Alerts. Would be better if we get more alerts then we get now. Await your views on the same.

  8. With all due respect, investing in commodity is a zero Sum game. Secondly, in equities why do you want to invest in companies that cannot raise prices? You give example of Prestige which has excellent brand name. जो बीवी से करे प्यार तो Prestige से कैसे करें इनकार । Now you tell 😀😀

  9. Sir, but i came across few articles which explained manipulation of Gold by big players like Golman sachs, Morgan stanley..etc. Is this not true that they subdue the Gold price lower than their real value?

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