Major Corporations Warn: Huge Price Increases Coming As Commodities & inflation Skyrocket

Major Corporations are warning huge price increases are coming as commodity prices & inflation skyrocket.

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Get ready major corporations are warning price increases are coming for consumers. This comes as inflation is rising & commodity prices are skyrocketing. In this video i explain how to protect yourself against the coming inflation & also profit from it using commodity investing.

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25 thoughts on “Major Corporations Warn: Huge Price Increases Coming As Commodities & inflation Skyrocket

  1. Everyone please be aware of scammers in the comment section they are rising faster than hyperinflation 🤣🤣

  2. 100%agree with your video, except supply of new housing won't happen, wood and steel prices are skyrocketing, so cost to build a house will skyrocket. Property developers will stop building. Speculators will stop buying. At those prices there will be no supply, high interest rates will kill demand. End result there is no market, you cant buy and you cant sell, you are stuck with whatever your financial position is. Miss loan payments the bank owns your house, except there is no buyers, but wait along comes the rich and buys your house for pennies in the dollar. Then rents it to you at high rates making huge returns. The rich get richer,and the middle class disappears.

  3. A bad deflation is painful, but creates Great Generations. A bad inflation results in starvation, overthrown governments, and fascism. We done f'ed up.

  4. The fed will not raise interest and the government will keep printing money. If the fed raise interest, the US government will default on the debt so they're lowering interest rates and printing money creating hyper inflation so they can inflate the debt away. It's a double edge sword… hyper inflation thus hurting Americans or raising interest stopping inflation causing the government to default on its debt. We know which option they're choosing. All we can do is educate ourselves and prepare for the worst.

  5. I’ve seen my material costs double, I run a fabrication business and steel is getting crazy. We’re at 2016 prices.

  6. There is no mechanism to cause hyperinflation because we can't even fill up our wallets with money, much less our wheelbarrows.

  7. I know the Bloomberg commodity index was spoken about, but I’m not sure how to invest into it. BCOM doesn’t seem to be a ticker. How can I invest into it?

  8. P&G/Gillette & Coke..
    Hah…I already boycotted them both.
    Jokes aside…I already see the subtle way companies are trying to hide inflation…changing product size for slightly higher prices.
    Stock up on essentials, folks. It's coming on fast

  9. But yet wages stay the same or less.
    If we got payed at the same rate we would be making 60+ dollars a hour.

  10. "Australian police officer rushed to the hospital due to BLOOD CLOTS days after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine"

  11. Michael veo todos tus videos eres una Bendicion pues hablas con toda la verdad Saludos desde Veracruz Mexico

  12. A market drop will put the brakes on the economy on all but the few wealthy clients in the middle of some projects.

    The stores will probably be full of goods, but security guards at the one exit. 2008 gave you a preview: Govt, banks & corps will circle the wagons, while the rest just sizzle on the flames. Do govts really think being morally bankrupt will end well? It's a do what you want/ no consequences world, and it cant last, just like it's predecessors.

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