Lack of Essential Commodities Vs Covid 19 surge in Kargil, Ladakh @LADAKH Mirror

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#ladakh #kargil #breakingnews #subscribe #ladakhmirror #ladakhupdate #ladakhi

Kargil district of Union Territory of Ladakh is facing acute shortage of Essential Commodities. Despite of surge in Covid cases these poor people are compelled to gather in such a huge crowd just for the sake of vegetables, milk, fruits. Can you imagine these people will see fresh vegetables and fruits after 5-6 months.!

But yes its reality that thses people will see fresh fruits and vegetables after a long period of cut off.

But only if they get it because every other day these people came here at district headquarter from different far off or remote hamlets by thinking that they will get to see a fresh vegetables and fruits or they will get to eat the same.

But its very unfortunate that few people get the same and the rest of many people go back to respective hamlets with empty bags with no hope.

Now can you people tell me who is accountable for all this?

Is the uT adminstration really failed to provide basic needs which is the fundamental right of people ?

Why the system is not changed as they said everything will change with the UT? As the same process of distribution and crisis in management we have been seen since the inception!

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