Korean artists are considered as commodities

Korean artists are considered as commodities.
Fans are intruding too much on the private lives of Korean artists, according to lawyer No Yeong Hui. Artists have deprived even their most fundamental rights, such as the right to date.

19 thoughts on “Korean artists are considered as commodities

  1. Fans desire to have complete control over their idols wtf is this 😤
    Idol's and actors are human's too they are not your puppets and doll's who you can control. These so called Delulu don't deserve to call themselves as fans. K-pop fan service culture is trash tbh. All thanks to these entertainment companies who sell idol's image like products for so called fan service. There is a limit to everything and fans demanding control over idol's life is seriously disgusting. And if you can't support your idol's life or dating decision then you were never their fan so better leave them alone.

  2. Korean fans are always(mostly) like that, thankfully international fans changed the perspective about idols dating and personal life, but still I don't know when some of these people will stop these obsession

  3. This is what happens when kpop is 90% fangirls…yet one fandom is still proud because their boy group is bigger than a girl group lol…toxic fans everywhere….let me tell you, since the beginning of kpop, biggest BGs were always bigger than biggest GGs…so stop being overproud because everybody can hop on the bandwagon and join the already big fandom to be a part of something…

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  5. This is sad, they're people like us. They have feelings, they have dreams. We should respect them and not always bash them for everything…

  6. Even if we love our idols more than our lives still we don’t have the right to get into their personal life or break their personal space. We should let them live peacefully

  7. Wow these fans are literally making me go crazy, how can you call yourself his fan when you are not happy in his happiness? What kind of fan you are when you can't even respect his decision, these fans are the reason why celebrities don't disclose their relationships

  8. The public is demanding too much… Like .it's their life .they worked hard all these years..they can't stay single.. they also need love.. they also need a family… If fans can get married and have a good life, dating eachother then why can't idols or actors do the same..afterall everyone is humans .

  9. bg stans be like “i’m sorry i hate women but they have no personality or talent so it’s just hard for me to get into ggs🥺” BGSTANS_OUT

  10. I feel so bad… Love is between two souls when two people are in relationships they love each other, they don't have any problem why do people have?

    Some people say they don't want idols to date bc it will affect their Currier but guys when they go into a relationship don't you think they would have already thought about the cicumtances? Pls idols are human too! Support them at any cost! Don't be childish and act hurt that they dated some other person other then you bc you were never even their in their life's!

    For example: when jungkook just said his ideal type is IU y'all hated IU just bc Jungkook's ideal type is her… Seriously? If u don't like IU it doesn't mean Jungkook can't like her… U have your opinion but y'all have no right to interfere in someone's life and decided who is good for them or not!

  11. idols are humans, not commodities. don’t put them on such a high pedestal. they’re bound to shatter once they don’t rise to your unrealistic expectations.

  12. I'm tired of fans babying their idols too much (not the meme🙄) . they're adults they can literally kiss and make out without a problem but y'all possessive fans are the problem. Adults can do whatever they want to do, drink, smoke, make out, etc. What they do does not concern anyone because it's their choice and as fans you should respect that choice.Falling in love is something that no one can help, so stop being idiots

  13. idols are the embodiment of late-stage capitalism, dehumanizing young people and turning them into commodities, creating a false ideal of adolescence and success while also supporting inherently poisonous stereotypes

  14. The things that should change in kpop are
    1 no whitewashing and Photoshop
    2 idols can date
    3 no diet
    4 give 50 % of profit to artist itself
    5 treat them equally
    6 freedom to do anything idols want
    7 give comfortable cloths
    8 take strict actions towards saesang attracts and many more
    9 mainly there safety and health

  15. K-pop world is horrible specially Fangirls .They want idols as their men .It's Very scary.

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