Kirian (Deso) Van Hest – The Great Commodities Supercycle (Uranium, Hydrogen, Oil, Coffee, Silver)

Kirian “Deso” Van Hest is rapidly becoming a must-listen-to voice in the world of finance. His unique perspective and ability to analyze the densest information quickly is highly valued by his growing following.

He joined us on 3/19/21 to discuss the following topics:

00:40 – Silver Shortage/Squeeze
14:00 – Trading Assets (Gold, Miners, Tech, Oil) in a Hyper-Inflationary Environment
17:05 – How will Governments Respond to Spiking Silver prices?
23:03 – Uranium
25:30 – Hydrogen and the Future of Energy
36:27 – Oil
43:47 – Coffee
54:43 – Bonus Coffee Stock Due Diligence #JVA
1:46:33 – Where to Learn More

Find more of Deso at:


Twitter: @TheEarlyStage

Always make sure to:
Do your own due diligence and research. If you decide to buy or sell anything, that is entirely your decision and your decision alone.
NEVER Trade/Invest based on other people’s opinions. Please do your own research and due diligence Information provided in this video is for informational purposes ONLY. This is NOT financial or investment advice. Please seek a professional for financial or investment advice.

10 thoughts on “Kirian (Deso) Van Hest – The Great Commodities Supercycle (Uranium, Hydrogen, Oil, Coffee, Silver)

  1. 20 mins in, can't take it, there is no big insight other than I bought silver cheaper im be rich, resuscitation of the stuff I get actionable info from, no thanks, can't remember why I subscribed to get time wasted on this video

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  3. Liquid natural gas reduces storage space 60:1.
    Hmmm. 10,000 miles range , refuel in seconds. No battery bank weight

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