Interview: US Dollar Rally & Impact on Commodities

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold joins me for a discussion on the relationship between the US Dollar and commodities he sees playing out this year. The Dollar has been rising this whole year while just in the last month commodities have started to correct lower. We also look at silver and gold in terms of general weakness in the stocks.


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5 thoughts on “Interview: US Dollar Rally & Impact on Commodities

  1. Yeah, he now discloses he has been trimming silver stock positions, whereas just a few months ago he was saying that this might be the last chance to buy. But, they make a decent living selling their "expertise" to "subscribers"- just like the brokerage firms. Atleast, I get to hear the freebie on YouTube – imagine the plight of his subscribers who pay good money to hear this 'all over the place' crapology.

  2. The Fed is absolutely letting the dollar gain strength and calm the inflation hype. The next CPI report will show little to no inflation and that gives them the green light to print more.

  3. This guy is so frustrating. Seems like he changes his outlook every month but never gives a heads up i advance.

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