How To Profit From Inflation – The Commodity Super Cycle Is Here!? Stocks to buy?

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22 thoughts on “How To Profit From Inflation – The Commodity Super Cycle Is Here!? Stocks to buy?

  1. Yikes finally noticing commodity prices? Well maybe better late than never? Not sure about wood but copper has a long runway and interesting supply/demand story. Copper is the new oil as it is the commodity for electrification – are governments going to stop renewable growth due to high copper prices? – doubt it – demand runway just getting started. For lumber, I bought Western Forest last year in May as it was highlighted by an analyst on a Canadian stock market show called "Market Call" then,, that one is somewhat safer than some others since it has a value add business in Asia that they can switch their exports to if the commodity lumber business exports to the US soften, most other commodity lumber plays its late to buy although they have been absolutely printing money every quarter with these prices so maybe you can bet on things staying hot for the rest of the year and the US giving back Canadian companies tariff money that they have been applying for years even though WTO has ruled against it. I did sell lumber plays months ago (also had steel in 2020) and rolled my money in copper. I posted Copper Mountain as an idea in your comments section a few months ago when you asked for ideas for EV, has over doubled while everything crashing but still cheap if you just do the math with current copper prices and where I expect around 100 million pounds of copper in 2021 slightly above their guide, thats with their cash cow mine in Canada and they have at least a path to triple their output in the next 5 years including with their assets in Australia – these are great jurisdictions and you want to avoid Turquoise Hill and some others that are in bad areas (that one is fighting against the Mongolian government, why mess with that). Copper Mountain probably double in the next year, but at least 50% – thats incredible for a reliable cash flowing business with obvious fundamentals, unlike some of the more speculative Nasdaq high flyers. There are others too that I can mention if you are interested, I just haven't dived into them as much. Nice job pointing out Nutrien as well, I have that one on my watchlist for the value portfolio, its a solid choice for agriculture, lots of pricing power.

  2. Great video Mike I will definitely do more research on some of these. Now if we can just get all the scammers out of here. YouTube needs to step it up in regards to spam..

  3. Thank you Mike. Concrete, copper, steal, crypto. Alternate materials for construction, plastic framing instead of wood. Just a thought. Mike.

  4. Brilliant and inciteful, who’s been buying swathes of farm land. Gates….rotation once again.

  5. In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  6. Wow, Mike. Thanks so much. I started looking into commodities last weekend and really appreciate you sharing this treasure trove of knowledge.

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  8. Thank you for your video and taking the time to research the materials Big Mike. Much appreciated. 🙏🏽🖖🏽

  9. I want to know why there's three miles of lumber shipped in from Canada parked outside the train station outside of Vermont

  10. Hey Mike – would you recommend maybe buying some inverse ETF’s, that go up as stocks and indexes go down? Bear funds. Or just wait it out? I am down almost 30% YTD. 😞

  11. great video thank you for this info great to think and learn from this info Mike Im not selling the stocks I did my dd on them I know they are long term so we got to find things to invest in and to learn from! for the future strategies thanks again Mike

  12. Hey Mike, when you said “Cathie Wood doesn’t see this ending in the next three to six months at least”, what exactly were you referring to? What was “it” that Cathy thinks won’t end?

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