How Can It Be That Most Of The Other Commodities Are At All-Time Highs Except for Gold & Silver?

Welcome, in today’s video we go to JM Bullion to start our day and find out that the precious metals market had a nice day yesterday. Next, we look at a few different terms that we need to know the meanings of, as well as how they may influence our future decisions. We look at the two terms; commodities and The Consumer Price Index. We find out that most of the commodities are at all-time highs except gold and silver.

In addition, a week from tomorrow the US Government releases the next report April 2021, CPI data are scheduled to be released on May 12, 2021, at 8:30 A.M. Eastern Time.

What Are Commodities

Consumer Price Index

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This Channel is for Theory, News, Speculation, and Information About the World of Numismatics. It is also about how external influences on the periphery of the hobby of numismatics can directly affect the hobby. This channel is NOT for financial advice because I am NOT a licensed trained financial advisor. Please DO NOT take any of what I say as financial advice or ask for financial advice as this Youtube Channel is ONLY for the interest of the hobby of collecting coins and silver.


16 thoughts on “How Can It Be That Most Of The Other Commodities Are At All-Time Highs Except for Gold & Silver?

  1. The more you put out the more education I get. I appreciate this video. I am learning pretty quick these days. I never realized how important it is to pay attention to these things. Awesome video.

  2. Great takes! Very direct and concise…can't believe the FEDs have SOOOOO many people believing that everything is A OK…wow!!!

  3. Good Morning Son!!🍵 It's amazing how disjointed economy street is from mainstreet!!!😠

  4. Went to recycle yard – even though commodities are rising the recycle center is paying less per pound. Pretty sad.

  5. What’s sad is most corporations are raising their prices on goods to make up for the loss they had during pandemic. All fast food places have eliminated buy two and save discounts on food items. Gas is up, even our own government is raising prices on mint products. It’s all going to crash so be sure to save silver and gold!! 🪙

  6. It’s manipulation and suppression. Just google “spoofing.” Big banks have been caught rigging silver many times. They do it with the blessing of the US Govt. Silver will never be allowed to rise to its true price discovery until they want it to.

  7. You provide great content that's quite analytical, thank you and keep it up! I'm new to stacking, and I'm having fun with it. I'm certainly in for the long haul. Thank you brother…and…May The 4th Be With You!

  8. Good questions SOSS. Here's my take . Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium all have industrial application for carbon emission devices like catalytic converters. Copper is the most versatile industrial metal, with widespread uses, all of which are in high demand because of the amount of cash being pumped into the system right now. Given current prices, the supply chain strains (truck driver shortages, employee shortages) you put forth combined with the velocity of Cash (stimulus), the M1,M2 and M3– These prices will continue to rise. There are trillions in loose money out there, and it's being spent nearly immediately. Once that loose money dries up (velocity) watch out below on commodities. COMT GUNR- are etfs I use to monitor—Enjoyed the video

    Re> gold is a primarily a safe haven, inflation hedge, tied to the dollar . silver is industrial, not a dollar hedge, and supply is currently adequate with a large overhead supply which will act as strong resistance

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