Hidden REAL Reason Why Food Prices and Commodities Rising Higher! NOT Supply Chain

Massive inflation is the proposal it seems with trillions more to be pumped into the economy. Food prices are rising significantly as we see the inflation at this time. More money, cash, debt, entering the system. There is an influx of capital going into the stock market from institutions, money managers, corporations, individual retail investors, all directions. Very low interest rates, mortgage rates increasing prices of everything. Michael Burry from The Big Short has predicted massive levels of inflation.

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25 thoughts on “Hidden REAL Reason Why Food Prices and Commodities Rising Higher! NOT Supply Chain

  1. Do you think that the rise in commodity prices have been the result of speculation with derivatives, etc? Or a combination of all factors? What's your opinion?

  2. Lumber is in short supply with all the dollars being printed. Soon we'll be out of ink.

  3. One of the things I appreciated about this channel was that you didn't fall for dumb YT fads. Like the exaggerated facial expressions on thumbnails. I hope you reconsider going back to how it used to be.

  4. In a few months if people are still blaming inflation on the crumbs of assistance thrown to common citizens after the corporate profits reports come in, well I'll have a bridge to sell them.

  5. a bit of both but mainly due to supply chain problems. The product is being produced there is not really a supply problem but getting it to the consumer due to shipping and trucking etc is a problem the supply chain is plugged up. Once this eases we are going to see deflation

  6. Thank you for the valuable information again…. you should do a segment how under Common Law speculators were put to death and considered enemies of the state under law until about 150 years ago 1871 made it legal.

  7. We are seeing entropy. Way too many people vying for scarce resources. I look for deflation brought on by diminishing wages, defaults, bankruptcy and zombie firms.

  8. I hate how word commodities cover such a broad specter of materials and agricultural goods. :/
    Not all commodities are up because of speculation, and agricultural goods are rising because of various things. Canola oil is good example of speculative price rise. But wheat on the other hand has crisis everywhere and will be higher.

  9. You guys make me laugh with all your charts and graphs and b.s. You do not know what is going to happen more than anybody else does. The FED knows and a select few.

  10. this unbacked dollar currency is DEAD. its over 100 years of fraud. its dead as a doornail.

  11. Not putting any stop losses on my GME & AMC stock, that's how the Hedge Funds f**k you.

  12. Your good looks offend me. 😁 Thanks for another great video, keep spreading the word, it's important.

  13. I’m sure speculation plays a PART of the rising prices but a surge in demand is only bad if we have a shortage of supply (due to supply chain issues). Pointing out one side of the problem without acknowledging the other side of the coin is intellectually dishonest. Plus the increased demand for goods will eventually lead to an increase in manufacturing. Once the supply chains are working again businesses will over produce goods leading to a massive surplus in supply. This will cause a price collapse.

  14. Parasites that we're not allowed to call by name parasites at the very top of the food chain and we're not allowed to know their names you're not allowed to publish their names I don't think even George Soros exist he merely is the flunky they put out in the media to be scorned what are the names of the big shots in Hollywood what are the names of the big shots in banking who are the big shots that control our government

  15. Not sure about going all in on silver or gold. Governments have been known to confiscate those. Lower the price, make you give it back, raise it back higher than it was, they come out fat & you end up skinny.

  16. There is a lot of money out there. Biden's $6 trillion budget and the FED's money printing have seen to that. And investors are wary of the stock market which appears to be a bubble. Commodities are an alternative which avoids the risk of stocks and bonds plus offers the investor a way to protect himself from a decline in the value of the dollar as copper and wheat can be sold anywhere for almost any currency.
    Food prices are driven by output losses due to floods and droughts and bad weather throughout the world. China appears to be headed towards a summer of floods like last year. Their wealth will push food prices up in any nation like the US that is still exporting.

  17. I was just in Northern Idaho…the lumber yards are overflowing with finished lumber. They told me it's the same in Montana and Washington. They say the suppliers are slowing down or reducing orders…which the mills say is causing the shortage and spike and not the yards. However, they are running out of room so they are now slowing down..which will cause a lag to come back to full production again..causing an actual shortage..so that's what's going on with lumber..no real shortage, just manipulation on the part of the suppliers to drive up prices. Commie bastards

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