Heavy Inflation Commodities Supercycle! How Investors Profit From A Devalued Currency

Increasing inflation coming but what can people do about it? More money moving into the stock market. Value stocks have seen more inflows and tech stocks and other growth stocks are also performing well. More money is being pumped in from all sides, creating a massive bull market that apparently will never end as we are on a permanently high plateau. Stimulus driving markets higher.

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21 thoughts on “Heavy Inflation Commodities Supercycle! How Investors Profit From A Devalued Currency

  1. Great idea and nice bal to news. Most not doing and so needed. I looked at $gps website and some things listed on google search results not showing on site’s homepage incl BTC info or Supporters page referred to in Patreon info. You have good extra info on website just some things hard to find from home page.

  2. David, no doubt that everything that comes out of your mouth is informative and appreciated, thanks so much!

  3. I believe The collapse won't happen until covid ends. The sign will be when all American soldiers return home. It'll be quick, there's an arms race happening during this time and a food hoarding with China, India etc before shtf, this is nothing compared what's coming but I don't believe it will happen until 2029. Fyi this is just my opinion.

  4. I really want to by a house with my parents but I don't think the housing bubble will pop before inflation ramps up…

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  6. The spike in inflation is coming mostly from oil prices spiking. The big storm is still coming.

  7. I think that our leaders want us believe that everything will be in short supply because businesses are over their heads in debt and the economy has collapsed.

    We the people are being played.

  8. Drove by a small house for sale in town that hasn't even been up for sale a few days and saw at least 20 cars lined up down the street with many couples lining up for a tour of the house.

  9. 2k views in 34 mins, nice DQ! Yah, liked it a lot. I share every single one of your vids on my 3k subs account on Minds dot com, you keep making them, I'll keep sharing them. Appreciate you!!

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