Flipping Medical Commodities; SITUATION SERIES VOL. 3

Flipping Diabetic Commodities Course and Mentorship Program


3 thoughts on “Flipping Medical Commodities; SITUATION SERIES VOL. 3

  1. Ask to buy half now and offer extra if they allow you to buy the others the following day. Once you make that initial purchase get in contact with your wholesaler that pays upfront then go back and buy the others.

  2. I would ask them if I could buy half of them at the 30-40% and if they can’t wait advise them to contact me again or I will reach out as soon as I have that capital and ,or if I can buy half I would say if u can’t find anyone to buy we will touch base as soon as possible. It’s not about being greedy it’s about a win win if u gain that customer long term.

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