Dollar Index Is Pointing to a Major Move Higher in Gold and Commodities.

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Today we will look at the long-term cycles in the dollar index and the commodities market including gold and silver.

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13 thoughts on “Dollar Index Is Pointing to a Major Move Higher in Gold and Commodities.

  1. Hi, there.
    I'm sitting in Germany. There are those, like Mark Friedrich, who screamed out "The crash is the solution!" in there books!
    Time by time, I got frustrated by, "buy gold!" / "get out of the paper-system!"
    Mark Moss, for example, these april, in the channel "I love prosperity", statement: "The currency reset had begun!" …. statesment of the director of the IMF ("we need a new Bretton Woods Moment") were qouted. (IMF Video Clip of October,

    Unfortunately, this viedo ( isn't English subtiteld. Mark Friedrich was in Argentina, round about 2000, by a currency reset, peso lost almoust 74% purchasing power. "How felt it, to be in that part?" Also a qout: (sense) "There were a short term (2 weeks), were someone sold a villa for 1kg of gold!" The conterpart is a Economy Prof (one of the better one, who critisized bond-purchasing programm of ECB; "at a certain time, the crap bonds (of e.g. italy) cause crap conter (Euro) – toxicitation of within."

    since a year I listening to the channel "Yankee stacking", interviews with a local coin shop dealer, Tim Marschner. Just called him last wednesday.

    Where is this hyperinflation? 2008, there were screams "Hyperinflation" / "Chrash" / "Doom".

    Where is that illusional hyperinflation? Inflation, yes. The pound coffee, 2015 were a price of 2,56 Euros, by 2021 to steps, from 2,69 to 2,82 to 2,99€. Where is the difference between "Feds Product (dollar) are looking for rendit" (speculation) and currency debasement.

    Where is that moment, where someone screams "I sell apartment for 2,5 oz Krueger!"????? Will it come this year? Is the FED-CBDC planed for certany this year? When?! I'm done with all that prophecies!! Waiting for years for that one moment, where that amount of gold will give a return with all that promesis! Just called another german youtbe-channel for an answer ("it is unprofessional to say an exact moment!! Unprofessional enough to want the money in their wallet, but yourself is the one, who plays the victim!!!")

    Wilelm Middlekoop also told: "Get out of the banking system!" ( Why? For what? In what way getting back out of precious Metalls? When?

  2. Interesting…Mike Maloney did a video on gold and silver topping around November 2023 for this cycle…

  3. DBC does a better job if u want to buy the entire commodity complex. I have RJA for "food."
    With these two; it's like watching paint dry; both are on track to surpass 2011 highs; then 2008.
    RJA is on a similar track.

  4. Mario's understanding is broad, deep and balanced. I watch him every morning. When I am late for work, I blame Mario!

  5. We all know that the only way they're keeping a lid on it is by suppressing the price of PMs.

  6. Alot of wealth will be created by those whom understand how to trade the mining stocks and store the metals. Thank you for your videos. A fresh air breather for me every morning to listen to

  7. Maneco64 I'm hoping we have more time, that said no matter what I always need one more ounce of silver and figure no matter how much one has we need just a little more to be safe.

  8. Put my fiat into a vice this year and let the stream that trickles out fall into 5 things food entertainment gold silver and the last is a secret 🤫

    But also no wonder people could afford college back then the dollar had higher purchasing power and cost of living was low.

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