Cryptos are Commodities? #Shorts

Some people think cryptos are commodities . . . and some people don’t. What do you think? Are cryptocurrencies best understood as commodities?

Best Books:
Everyday Millionaire – Chris Hogan –
The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley –
Love Your Life, Not Theirs – Rachel Cruze –
Stop Acting Rich … – Thomas Stanley –
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki –

Best Video Resources:
Financial Peace University –
The Pursuit of Happyness –

Channel Equipment:
Camera: Canon M50 –
Lights: Fovitec 900
Newer Ring Light –
Mic: Rode VideoMic Boom –
Battery Pack for M50 – BM Premium –

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One thought on “Cryptos are Commodities? #Shorts

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