Counter-Trend Rally in the Dollar & Impact on Gold, Commodities

The US Dollar is currently in what I presume is a counter-trend rally. We look at the chart and sentiment and measure when and where this rally may end. Many commodity indices hit resistance and will correct alongside the rebound in the dollar.


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9 thoughts on “Counter-Trend Rally in the Dollar & Impact on Gold, Commodities

  1. Just a suggestion: can you get one of those little screen markers so we can actually see what you are referring to. I subscribed to your report and you need it there too. I can’t imagine it’s very expensive and it would make me much more willing to watch your videos. Also, you need to assume your audience is a little more clueless. It’s almost like you are talking to people who already know.

  2. Silver bounced off the 200Ma support today. I was thinking this might be the bottom of in Silver even if the Dollar continues to rise.

  3. Rising inflation…with fed hands frozen on rates….real rates will go should rally soon..fed wants a strong dollar for bond purchases to continue…but no so high as to force investors out of stocks..the goldie locks effect…a balance..until normal is reached..a high dollar prematurely will tank markets and all the effort put in to support them

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