Commodity uptrend, Is it Accidental or Structural? by Shyam Sekhar | ITHOUGHTWEALTH

In this video Shyam Sekhar discusses whether the commodity hub trend is cyclical or structural. Many investors are looking at the recent rise in commodity prices as a passing trend, but could it actually warrant more attention? Shyam Sekhar discusses commodities, coal, China, the global financial crisis and more in this video.

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4 thoughts on “Commodity uptrend, Is it Accidental or Structural? by Shyam Sekhar | ITHOUGHTWEALTH

  1. As usual, a very good insight into the current situation and providing the viewers, excellent data points for comparison. No less, the most genuine advice for those who find it “sour grapes 🍇 “

  2. Recent interview Kenath Anredy clearly stated on 2009 corporate debt sky high building on capax . During last decade 2010-2020 corporate did great job clean up debt and strengthens BS. Now consumers side accumulated more debt side but corp good position now….. as per him next decade will be capax driven more on manufacturing and exporting economics will perform well compare to consumer oriented business…..

  3. I always refer Sham is a best commodity investor in India with others. For. eg. everyone is afraid of Sugar. But Sham did very well in every sugar cycle.

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