Commodity Market Getting Thrashed Now | SEBI Intraday Margin Rule Impact

SEBI’s new rule on margin has created a buzz and confusion in the entire market. Last year SEBI decided to remove the margin from intraday trading and the reason according to them was the market brokers are decreasing, due to providing excess margin the brokers are getting down.

But from the start we are raising our voice against this rule and the majority of you are supporting us. But now from the commodity exchange we are hearing voices against this rule.

Here in this video we covered: –

-The impact of margin rule on the commodity market.
-How this new rule will create a buzz on Intraday and commodity trading.
-Why does SEBI reduce the margin in intraday trading?
-Demands of commodity traders.
-Problems created in the commodity market.
-What ICICI securities thinks in this matter?

The president of Product participation association which is a part of MCX has quoted that there is a decline in the trading volume, it means the new rule is affecting the commodity market as well.

Now the commodity traders and their connected associations are demanding government intervention in this matter.

If you want margin on intraday trading then sign the petition and join our hands into this movement. Share the link as much as you can and make this movement a big one so that it will compulsive SEBI to bring margin back.

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27 thoughts on “Commodity Market Getting Thrashed Now | SEBI Intraday Margin Rule Impact

  1. Government just want to kill small investors and only to serve there masters and to make them more richer..These rules have nothing to do good with any brokers and small investors.

  2. Looks like u r the only one protesting.. Where is zerodha or other biggies? They aren't raising their voice.. Nobody is talking about it..

  3. demat account creat kiya hai but.
    us me treading nhi karta hu.
    to kiya fir bhi Amc charge lagega ya nhi lagega….
    pls bata dena

  4. Better STOP TRADING ✋ till the margin back. But no one can do and SEBI know that. They know indians mentality very well. Not like Americans how they create Unity and played Game Stop.

  5. Are sir hmare jese naye investors k liye ab fyda hi nhi h koi or option ho jise apply kr ske esa video b bnaiye

  6. सरकार बिलकुल सही कर रही है और भगाओ सर्किट पे सर्किट सब मिलकर बेचारे रिटेलर्स मारे जाते है जय राष्ट्रवादी

  7. trading will go outside india.volumes will move abroad.Intraday trading by nature was risk managed.People do intraday because they do not want overnight risk hence intraday,since intraday movement is restricted 1-2% is max movement on most days.Intraday Margin of 3.5% is enough to cover this with strict rule that postion will be squared off at 75% of margin mtm loss.That should cover all risk. Why increase margin thereby decreasing earning of small traders who live from market earnings. There are no proper jobs in India for a large majority.Markets help make a living or supplement it.People will learn by mistakes but give them an honest chance.

  8. Bhai intraday mein aaj tak kisi retailer ne paise nahi kamaye aacha hai jitne paise hon utne ke hi share lein, margin par to nuksan hi hai

  9. मार्जिन खत्म होना गलत कहां है गेम्बलींग खत्म हो जाएगी रीस्क मेनेजमेंट सही होगा अच्छा रीटन इंट्रा-डे से 20%तक रीटन पोशीबल है ओर क्या चाहिए

  10. लोगो को जबरदस्ती option trading
    की ओर धकेला जा रहा है

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