Commodity Charts: Technical Analysis: Commodity Sectors

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Let’s check out the sectors and see what they are doing. these are some of my favorite commodity sectors and they all look really good.

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21 thoughts on “Commodity Charts: Technical Analysis: Commodity Sectors

  1. RT news saying China's been importing 600million/month of gold since Feb 2020, and will import 8.5 billion at current prices

  2. You are the best channel on YouTube. I am showing my students (inner city 8th grade) some of your videos as financial education.

  3. Loving all the content Andy!
    Wondering what you think of the chart for BTU?
    It’s a coal stock and there’s a lot of current buzz about it on Twitter. Supposedly very under valued.
    I believe their coal is also used in Steel productions.

  4. Maybe an idea to look aluminum it is the first replacement candidate for copper. If copper is getting expensive, aluminum will be used. Tracking Alcoa can not believe it

  5. how long do normal bull markets lasts in commodities? is production rising really fast when prices rise? and so prices will crash fast?

  6. What do you think of Snowline Gold SNWGF? KEITH AND ERIC venture has an all-star cast of geologists as well.

  7. Gold and Silver options are expiring tomorrow so until then it may go sideways but then pop up so maybe it's go time.

  8. I'm passing your videos to my construction colleagues here in Manchester U.K. and some of them are starting to invest – it's easy for them because all they have to do is buy and sit back for a few years or so. Keep up the good work 👍

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