Commodity Bull Run Ahead in FY24-25?| Agro Commodities | Base Metals | Precious Metals

Welcome to our deep dive into the extraordinary Commodity bull run that began in the first week of April 2024, sweeping through energy commodities, agro-commodities, and base metals. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll explore the factors driving this surge and discuss why experts believe this trend could last for at least the next one- two years.

What’s Inside:

Energy Commodities Surge: We break down the soaring prices in oil, natural gas, and coal, examining geopolitical tensions, supply disruptions, and increased global demand.
Agro-Commodity Boom: Discover how climate conditions, trade policies, and global demand are impacting prices for soybeans, wheat, and corn.
Base Metals on the Rise: Get insights into the rising demand for copper, aluminum, and zinc driven by technological advancements and infrastructure development.
Expert Predictions: Hear from industry experts on why they see this bull run continuing and how investors can potentially benefit.
Investment Strategies: Learn about strategies for investing in commodities during a bull run, including futures, stocks, and ETFs.
Whether you’re an investor looking to understand the current market dynamics or just curious about commodity markets, this video will provide valuable insights and forecasts to help you navigate the complexities of this booming trend.

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00:00 Intro 🌟
00:42 Commodity Bull Market Discussion 📈
07:57 Reasons for Being Bullish 🐂
30:36 Bitcoin Signaling in April 2024 📊
38:00 Expert Opinion on Commodity Super Cycle 🔄
51:55 Equities at Risk Conclusion 🛑

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