Commodities of the Future – Crunch the Numbers with Rick Rule

For the 8th episode of Crunch the Numbers we are bringing you someone very special: Rick Rule!

Rick is the former CEO & President of Sprott US Holdings, an asset manager with over 200k clients and $17b in assets under management. He is also one of the biggest Natural Resources investors in the world, having spoken at CNBC, Bloomberg, and others.

We discussed commodities, their role in the transition to a “Green Economy” and got to listen to amazing advice for young students and investors.

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Host: Guilherme Corga
Editor: Francisco Araújo

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17 thoughts on “Commodities of the Future – Crunch the Numbers with Rick Rule

  1. Rick Rule is a legend: "water is illiquid". Rotflol. He is the only person that can make this sentence make sense.

  2. Parabens. Congratulations on getting one of the top minds in the resource sector on your podcast. Your fellow students may also enjoy watching some videos of a friend of Mr. Rule – Marin Katusa. He is a Canadian and has very straightforward insights into the resource sector worldwide. Wish you all much success!

  3. Very educational. Most of us are 'students' so the themes covered here are extremely helpful. Cheers

  4. Rick Rule is an absolute brilliant investor. His knowledge base is next to none. It's difficult to not learn something new from anyone of his podcasts. If he wrote a book ( on investing ), it would be a best seller today, and continue being relevant 100 years from now. Amazing interview.

  5. It is disappointing that Rick Rule did not explain why he believes that in 2040 use of oil and gas will be the same as it is today, or why he does not think that this would be a terrible eventuality. It is important to distinguish between what will happen if no one fights against the status quo, and what would happen if people face up to desperate necessities. To borrow a rhetorical device from the great man himself, if you believe that over the following two decades use of hydrocarbons will not decrease, then you believe in the end of human civilisation on a welcoming planet. I cannot accept this corollary and I will fight against it.

  6. If the podcast is to have this quality with Guilherme as a host, I don’t mind sharing the spotlight

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